* Posted July 11, 2011..........

Cleo is a three-year-old spayed red and white female Basenji. She is currently being fostered by Sue Wilcox. Cleo was only 13 lbs when picked up from the shelter. The pictures which accompanied her do not show how thin she really was and how bad her coat was. She is now up to 17 lbs after only three weeks in foster care. Cleo was fully vetted and micro-chipped before being released to B.C.O.C. Rescue. There was no charge for her release. According to information given to the pound, Cleo was surrendered because they had not been able to train her. She lived with two adults and three children (ages 8, 10, and 13). Also in the home were one other dog and a cat. When Sue picked her up she rode fine in the car: didn't mess, didn't shred up her blanket & didn't make a peep. She doesn't bolt out of the crate. Cleo had no problem with Sue, a perfect stranger walking up and putting a different collar & leash on her and literally walking out the door with her.

Here is what the previous owner had to say about Cleo:

1. She was spayed at 1 year of age.

2. She is friendly and playful with the children.
(Sue says she shows interest in kids and the school bus.)

3. She is dominant and curious with other dogs.  
(Sue hasn't seen the dominant part yet.  She is hesitant about other 
dogs but will approach, hackles up.  This may take some work as Sue 
doesn't think she really knows what another dog is.)

4. She chases cats and is curious about them.

5. She has accidents in the house once a month but only while crated. 
(Possible separation anxiety??)  
(Sue said that she has only had one accident 
in her crate since she got her and feels that her crate problem was 
probably due to too much crating and not enough activity.  When loose 
in the house, she does go to the door when she wants out.  So far, 
this has been reliable but then Sue is watching her very closely.)

6. She chews socks and other items if left around.  Likes rawhides. 
(Sue says she hasn't offered to chew other things but does like bones, 
rawhides and dental chews.  She doesn't seem to know much about 
playing with toys.)

7. When they were home, she was kept outside in a crate/kennel.

8. When they weren't home, she was kept in a crate/kennel.

9. She is left alone daily from between 5 and 8 hours; this is when 
she is crated.

10. She had a completely fenced 8' yard. She will run if loose but 
comes when called.  
(Sue hasn't tested this yet. She does come when loose in the house.)

11. She has not had any formal obedience training - trained at home.

12. She is frightened of vacuums and brooms.

13. She has only growled at the other dog when she has a rawhide or 
food.  She has never bitten or snapped.

14. She is indifferent when she is at the vets.

Sue Wilcox adds: She doesn't pull too much on the leash. Takes food 
from your hand very nicely.  Does not object to having her teeth 
examined.  Generally seems to have a nice disposition, likes to play, 
and wags her tail when she sees you.

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