If you have good-quality dramatic pics of Basenjis and Basenji-related events, send them in to Donald PARKES. Ensure that all proper information accompanies each photo: identity of any Basenji &/or people in the photo, when it was taken, where was it taken, and who took it. Photos without the above info cannot be shown. Any additional information which you deem important to the photo would certainly be welcome.

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* March, 2003 *
Well, after a busy few months getting this BCOC website up and running, Don Parkes & Adi decide to take a zuzz on their back deck. Photo by Migz Parkes (actually several years ago).

sleepy couple

* March, 2003 *
Joanne Free-Metums has her Giza posed on their motorcycle, goggles and all. Giza on his bike Photo also taken a few years ago.

* January 18, 2003 *
Carol McGrogan celebrated her retirement from teaching with a surprise party on January 18, 2003, in London, Ontario. Quite a few of her teaching- and dog-related colleagues attended the party, held at her favourite restautant. Here she receives a much-desired x-pen rack to put on the front of her van.
Carol's retirement party. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Roy, who did a wonderful job of organizing the party.

* July 3/4, 2004 *

These two candid photos were taken by Melissa Cameron at the 2004 B.C.O.C. Specialty in Sarnia, Ontario.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog Class Bred By Exhibitor Dog Class
Gizmo Caged Gizmo...."Please let me out!"

Sailor Kinein * September 17, 2004 *

Pat Weber of the North West Territories
took this photo of Kinein, one of Kero's kids.
She calls it Sailor Kinein.

* September 17, 2004 *
Nancy Burton sent me her photo of Tagati's Mystical Moment (aka "Misty") and Blackwing's Pharaohs' Phantom (aka "Kobi") taking a nap.....she calls it "Sleeping Angels".
Misty and Kobi and another called "I Can Just About Reach It".

* June 9, 2005 *

Amos On House The black & white on the house is Premier's Amos Mose (Amos),
just Hanging Around. This was taken in July, 2000,
when Amos was 8 months old. Photo submitted by Rose Thomson.

* September 4, 2006 *
Here are some action photographs taken by Shot On Site
at a CARA oval race meet at Princeton, Ontario.

JoJo In Flight Here is Migz and Don Parkes' JoJo In Flight,
during the second program of the day......

They're Off They're Off. Here was the box start for the
'High Point' race for the Basenjis

.....from left to right: Maji, in green; Kumbe, in white; JoJo, in blue; and Darby, in red.

Caught In The Act ........and JoJo (in blue) was Caught in the Act
towards the end of this race
.......and disqualified.

JoJo wins at racing at BCOA Nationals * September 21, 2006 *
This is a photograph taken by Kenneth Reed Photography
at the BCOA Nationals held in Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Here is Migz Parkes with her Dafina Rafiki Johari, RChX, JC,
alias "JoJo", who won second place in the LGRA races and
first place in the NOTRA races.

Kathy Upton's new litter. * January 29, 2008 *
Kathy Upton sent us this photo of her new 6-week-old litter all puddled together into a cat-scratching tree base. Looks like they had a hard day at the office. Don't work them so hard, Kathy!

Judge Spritzer, Upton, Toot Judge Spritzer, Gouchi, Egerton Specialty Dinner Cruise 2008 * July 25, 2008 *
Here are a few snaps taken at the BCOC National Specialty held in Kingston, Ontario. The first (names left to right).....Judge Ronald Spritzer, Tulia
Upton, and Blackwing's Toot Your Own Horn. The second with Judge Ronald Spritzer, Conamore's Sun Of Restigouche, and Cheryl Egerton. The third is a group photo taken on the dock just before boarding the "Island Star" during the evening of the dinner cruise out of Kingston harbour into Lake Ontario.

Jericho head shot * August 13, 2009 * Jericho heading out in the snow

Here are two shots of 3-year-old Jericho (CH Duara Kwanza Kanzi) taken in August and November, 2007, in White Lake, Ontario, by Judith Jeffery.

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