1964 - The original Basenji Club of Canada was formed in 1964. It's organization was discussed at the home of John Fenney and was started later that year with Margaret Robertson as the first president.

1967 - It was three years later that the club held it's first Specialty. It was held in St. John, New Brunswick, in August of that year. It was won by Malcom McDonald's tri male Benji Tricop Ebony Kayunga.

1969 - The National in 1969 had an entry of sixty-one dogs. Unfortunately, most of the club's history from this time period has been lost.

1979 - The club was in existance until 1979 when it folded.

(If anyone has any information with documentation from this time period noted above, please notify the BCOC by contacting the president: Cheryl Egerton, and the webmaster: Donald Parkes.)

1989 - After approximately 10 years without a National club, a group of Basenji owners/breeders got together and formed the current Basenji Club Of Canada. The club was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club that year, and our President was Christine Kempster.

1990 - The following year, at Woodstock, Ontario, the club held their first 'National Specialty' with Margaret Robertson as the judge. Sweepstakes judge was Gloria Fellers. Basenji people from both Canada and the U.S. supported this Specialty. Jon Curby gave a presentation at that first annual dinner and auction. He talked about the trip to Africa to bring back new Stock. Winners bitch at this Specialty was Avongara Elly who was the first full African to show and earn points in Canada. Unfortunately, at that time, she had no ERN and the CKC would not register her, as there was not a recognized three-generation pedigree behind her. Elections were held that year, and Dennis Arrand became the second President of the Basenji Club Of Canada. He held the office with Christine Kempster as secretary for 4 years. During this time, we welcomed the acceptance of the brindle colour to our CKC Basenji standard.

1991 - That year's Specialty was held in Western Canada for the first time.

1993 - Brindles were first shown in Canada in 1993.

1995 - Ann Smith became the club's third President in January of that year, and she held that office for 2 years.

1997 - Lynn Arrand became the President of the BCOC in January of that year.

Throughout its history, the Basenji Club Of Canada has become a driving force that is involved in the health, rescue, and the various sporting activities (conformation, racing, etc.) of the Basenji breed in Canada. A hearty 'thankyou' to all the BCOC members who give of themselves to keep this club alive and active. A special thanks to those who have held offices or acted as Specialty and Committee chairs, and Newsletter editors, and webmasters. Without all of you we would not have the Basenji Club Of Canada.


Executive on Line

President - Dennis Arrand

Vice President - Sue Wilcox

Secretary - Chris Frost

Treasurer - Carol McGrogan

Atlantic director - Valerie Rodger

British Columbia Director - Debra Verzyl

Ontario Director - Jennifer Hamaba

Qu├ębec Director - Samuel Fortin



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