Here is a list of links which may provide any surfer with avenues to Basenji owner's/breeder's interests, whether it be Basenji activities, research, organizations, B.C.O.C. owner's/breeder's pages, or Canadian dog shows. Obviously the compiler of this list can take no responsibility for incorrect information provided by the authors of any items in this "Links" collection.


Agility Association of Canada canleaf

AKC Tracking Regulations - Official regulations for 'Tracking' from the American Kennel Club.
American Sighthound Field Association - an organization of Sighthound fanciers dedicated to the common goal of preserving and further developing the natural beauty, grace, speed and coursing skill of the Sighthound.

"Animal Assisted Therapy" from Therapet
Behavior, Socialization, and Training - What most dog owners really want is simply a well mannered, socially acceptable dog. How much work it takes to achieve that goal depends upon many factors the most important of which are: the patience and consistency of the teaching, the temperament of the dog, and the amount of time the dog has the opportunity to learn.
Canadian Association of Rally Obedience - The purpose of CARO is to encourage ALL dogs, purbred, mixed breeds, pets, companion dogs or titled champions to participate in the fun and exciting sport of Rally Obedience.
Canine Agility Association Nova Scotia canleaf - CAANS Home Page is full of information concerning Agility.
Competitive Obedience canleaf - If you're new to the sport of obedience, here are some links to get you started.
Discovering Competitve Obedience - By training your dog with obedience, agility, or even stupid pet tricks, you and your dog can become a team, and develop a wonderful relationship with each other.
Dog Owners Guide to Manners and Training - How to have a well mannered dog, housetraining & more. - A great number of things to do with and for your dogs, including fabulous extensive lists of dogparks in the U.S. and Canada.
Dog-Play - an introduction to some great things people do with their dogs.
Dr. P's Dog Training - Lots of articles and real information on different methods of dog training.

Lure Coursing FAQs
North American Dog Agility Council - This website is maintained to provide those interested in dog agility with timely information on NADAC events and rules and to assist clubs wishing to sponsor NADAC trials.
Rules & Regulations - for various official AKC dog activites.
Tracking - Canadian Style canleaf - Another good page about tracking with dogs as a sport.
United States Dog Agility Association - Promoting Competitive Excellence in Dog Agility.
Visiting Pets & Animal Assisted Therapy - Links concerning dog-assisted therapy.
Working Trials In Canada
canleaf - This site was created to provide information about this new dog sport now available in Canada.

Basenji Directories

Mafaili Ya Basenji canleaf - The world's largest "Basenji Reference Library" on the Web, with over 1,100 sites now listed.


Health Sites

Veterinary Place - The online animal health hub.


Alberta Kennel Club canleaf
The American Kennel Club
Basenji Club of America
Basenji Club of Great Britain
Basenji Companions - An extended community of care and support for Basenjis and their owners.
The Canadian Amateur Racing Association canleaf - CARA, the southern Ontario form of LGRA and NOTRA, listing past results and upcoming schedules.
The Canadian Kennel Club canleaf

L.G.R.A. - Large Gazehound Racing Association.
New Brunswick Kennel Club canleaf
Newfoundland (all-breed) Kennel Club canleaf
N.O.T.R.A. OnLine
- National Oval Track Racing Association.

BCOC Owners' & Breeders Homepages

Adventureland Basenjis - Wanda Pooley's Basenji website. U.S.
Africanadian Basenjis canleaf - Sanda Saunders' Basenji website. Canada.
Ahmahr Nahr Basenjis - Jennie Behles & Robert Walley's Basenji website. U.S.
Beaubri Basenjis canleaf - Simone Gaudet's Basenji website. Canada.
Bushwacker Basenjis canleaf - Chris Frost's Basenji website. Canada.
Dogo Habari Basenjis canleaf - Arlene Bacon's new website. Under development. Canada.
The Donaldson Dog Page canleaf - Dawn Donaldson's dog (including a Basenji) webpage. Canada.
Mandalay Basenjis canleaf - Jennifer Roy's Basenji webpage. Canada.
Mankia Home Page canleaf - Lynn & Dennis Arrand's Basenji website. Canada.
Schaumburg Basenjiscanleaf - Chris, Susan, and Allison Cowie's Basenji website. Canada.
Premier Homepage canleaf - Rose and Aaron Thomson's Basenji website. Canada.
Zande Basenjis
- Sally & Marvin Wallis' Basenji website. U.K.

Research Sites
Basenji Pedigree Search - An Internet service provided by Zande Basenjis.

Canadian Championship Dog Shows canleaf - Conformation Calendar divided into regions.
Canuck Dogs
canleaf - Your source for Canadian canine event information online.

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