NOTE: The B.C.O.C. Rescue Program Does NOT BUY Dogs.

What the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program does: Once a Basenji is accepted into the B.C.O.C. Program, B.C.O.C. volunteers arrange:

1. To foster the Basenji.

2. To update the Basenji’s medical files. A. Have the dog Vet-checked if no vaccinations records can be found or obtained. B. Have the dog neutered before placing.

3. To accept applications for the purebred Basenji.

4. To screen potential adopters.

5. To make a placement decision.

6. To arrange transportation of the Basenji to its new home in the most economical and safest manner possible.

7. To maintain a list of rescue contact volunteers who are available to assist the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program.

MISSION: The Mission of the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program is dedicated to helping any (purebred) Basenjis in need. Which means:

1. Effecting a release of a purebred Basenji from a pound, shelter, or any unhealthy environment.....which may mean paying “pound” fees or other necessary expenses to obtain the dog.

2. Accepting Basenjis which may be turned over to the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program by their owners.

3. Accepting Basenjis into the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program by people who have found them.

4. Monitoring areas where the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program volunteers are located to try to assist wherever possible.

5. Assisting anyone who contacts the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program because of Behavioral Problems: we try to help by giving advice, conducting home visits, suggesting alternatives, or just providing support until an improvement of the situation. It should be noted that all B.C.O.C. members are asked to help find homes for any rescued Basenji which enters the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program.

If you wish to volunteer your services for Basenji rescue
purposes, please contact the National Rescue Co-ordinator,
Jennifer for details @

* Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT)
* Helping Homeless Pets
 What the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program looks for in adoptive homes: The B.C.O.C. Rescue Program looks for *FOREVER HOMES* where these Basenjis can live out their lives surrounded by caring owners who understand them and where they will be loved and pampered companions.  It should be noted that, fortunately, most Canadian Breeders take back unwanted dogs which they have bred, or will find them new homes.  


* 10 Reasons NOT to get a Basenji

* What Every Family Should Know Before They Adopt A Basenji

* Fanconi Syndrome Information

* Important information about health issues in dogs can be found in Mafaili Ya Basenji - Health Page. Mafaili Ya Basenji is a large online "Basenji Reference Library" of which any serious Basenji owner should be aware. The link above accesses only the Health page, but click here to open its home page leading to over 1,000 Basenji-related websites worldwide.


Access and print whichever form(s) (listed below) which suit(s) your needs......

* Rescue Volunteer Application (for general use) to determine the suitability of a volunteer applicant to the B.C.O.C. Rescue Program. * Foster Owner Application for use by a volunteer offering to foster a Basenji for B.C.O.C. * Adoption Application for the use of anyone who wishes to Adopt a B.C.O.C. Rescue Basenji. 


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